My name is Tymek.

 I live in Krakow(Poland) and I go every morning to BISC(British Internation School of Cracow). There are 15 people in my class(yr9): Abhranil from India, Maciek from Poland, Connor from England, Sanjit from India, Hafiz from Malaysia, Vidhu from India, Alex from Switzerland(he is crazy about that), Ron(his name is Chitrak, but he doesn't like it) from India, Su-hyon from Korea, Thomas from Scotland(also very patriotic), Isa from Russia, Natalia from Poland, Fara from Malaysia, Monika from Slovakia, Eva from Check, Slovakia, Switzerlandand, America( lots of countries ,isn't ?) and me from Poland.I don't know my future plans yet, but I would like to meet... guess who ? You guessed right ! Emma Watson!!!